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Welcome to xxscrewxscenexx! Please Read all Rules, and if you want to join, you Must fill out an application.

1. Absolutely no dissing the moderators or members in the community, they're better then you, get over it.
2. No Homophobic/Racist remarks. I will ban you.
3. You have to be nice, even if you don't like someone, only polite crizitism, no need for bullies.
4. No scenesters, please.
5. If someone gives you a "no" on your application, do not whine or make excuses, it's so pathetic.
6. You must post ATLEAST 3 pictures with your application. Unless you're really hott, then I'll deal with 2 and still accept you.
7. Even if you get all yes's, I still have the right to reject you, so be nice to me, I own you.
8. If you are accepted, you can post about anything but please, keep surveys, long posts and pics under a cut. (If you're unsure how to do this... its <*lj-cut*>text<*/lj-cut*> just take out all of the *'s)
9. Application must be under a cut.
10. You're not official, till I (cheezypuff47) tell you you're official, and most likely, that will not happen until ATLEAST 5 people have voted yes.

1. Name:
2. Location:
3. Age/Birthday:
4. Obsessions:
5. Favorite Bands:
6. Favorite Movies:
7. Any Hobbies:
8. Did anyone reccomend you, and if so, who:
9. Why do you hate the scene:
10. Why should we accept you:
Post atleast 3 pics.



Assistant Co-Moderator:

Head of Secuirty:

What does this all mean??? Don't eff with us. We'll bust caps.