Jeremy.Owen.Hughes (xjeremyhughesx) wrote in xxscrewxscenexx,

here is my app

1. Name:Jeremy Hughes
2. Location:North Carolina
3. Age/Birthday:19/October 31st 1985
4. Obsessions:real friends, music, making art, and of course girls
5. Favorite Bands:Haste the day burry your dead, most precious blood, between the burried and me, through the eyes of the dead, beloved, underoath, norma jean, no use for a name, mxpx
6. Favorite Movies:robin hood(cartoon version), hook, goonies, fight club, slc punks
7. Any Hobbies: drawing, painting, sculpting, listening
8. Did anyone reccomend you, and if so, who: no
9. Why do you hate the scene: because im tired of being labled in it when i despize most of the pople that are in it, i dont like the idea of music becoming fassion.. thats just retarded
10. Why should we accept you: you should accept me because i would rather cut off my toes than condone girlpants and scene points. haha
Post atleast 3 pics.

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