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Fuck the Scene!

1. Name: Kandice
2. Location: Ontario, Canada
3. Age/Birthday: 15 / september 15 1988.
4. Obsessions: music, writing, spirograph, and foamy the squirrel.
5. Favorite Bands: pantera, shadows fall, the casualties, devotchkas, bikini kill, motorhead, primus, tool, strapping young lad, megadeath, etc.
6. Favorite Movies: sid and nancy, american history x, kill bill, dodge ball.
7. Any Hobbies: heh,  not really. im really quite lazy. i write alot, i hang out with friends, read..the typical teenage crap.
8. Did anyone reccomend you, and if so, who: no, i found this community out of my own hatered of scenesters
9. Why do you hate the scene: its all these kids trying to be different or stand out when all they are doing is just being like everyone else.  i hate the fact that these little kids are being taught to be "scene" and wear the dreaded ties and trucker hats. and i hate those guys who have the dyed black hair that covers their face and those girls who think they are all hardcore with their studed blets and houndred dollar multi hair colour.
10. Why should we accept you: ill be active, ill promote, and i fucking hate the "cool" scenesters.
Post atleast 3 pics.

im in the purpleish sweater.


Blah i only have two pictures on this computer. all apologies.

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