Kat (demonic_torture) wrote in xxscrewxscenexx,

Here is my application

1. Name:
2. Location: Lakeland, FL
3. Age/Birthday:  15, May 7, 1989
4. Obsessions: Wierd words are cooooool.
5. Favorite Bands:  Sublime, Nirvana, Metallica, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Rush, Placebo, NoFX,
6. Favorite Movies:  Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back
7. Any Hobbies:  guitar, drawing, singing, my band, writing
8. Did anyone reccomend you, and if so, who:  I was looking at the clubs Susanita are in and this one looked cool.
9. Why do you hate the scene:  Depends on what scene you are talking about, there are a lot of scenes I hate.
10. Why should we accept you:  Because I'm Kat and Susanna thinks I'm wierd.  She hasn't told me yet, but I know she does.  Plus I'm in the I_hatepeople club thing.
Post atleast 3 pics.

*is thinking to hard*

*Does like what's to thr right of me*

*Look there is a bird in my house*

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